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  In the early days, The lighting was controlled from a scaffold tower at the back of the hall, above what is now the entrance to the billiard room / bar area. The lights were under the control of Fred Dorman, who masde the scaffold sway as he adjusted them. In 1989, the area above the loos in the loft at the back of the hall was boarded out, hatches were cut out of the back wall and first the lighting and CCTV systems were installed in there, and later the sound. Fred retired, and after a couple of years, his place was taken by Derek Foster, who also had the dual role of Stage manager as well. The lighting box used to get quite warm as stage lights were installed in it as well, along with the dimmer packs.

  These days, the lights are powered by LED’s and computer controlled. The design and operation are by Gordon Clarke. And Dee and Kaitie Owen

Our 2010 Lighting Rig

Our 2012 Lighting Rig

In 2013, the hall was lit outside with these variable colour boxes. It looked really effective as the colours cycled through.

What the cast see.

What the Lighting crew see

Dee & Gordon in the lighting box 2014

Roger Newman & Gordon in the lighting box 2009