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  The 80’s. The first decade3 of the Panto Group Starting in 1984 with Oliver’s Travels. Most of the early plays were written by Ray Dickman, who also performed in them. His wife Iris was the Keyboard player. Billy Rolfe did the sound using his domestic music system. In those days Fred Dorman did the lighting on a scaffold tower just above the entrance to the billiard room. Lighting cables were strewn all around the hall.

  In 1988 came the Arrival of Chris Rohrer who supplied closed circuit television. This made things easier for the cast and crew to see what was happening on stage. Sometimes it even worked.

 We are looking for programmes and photos for these years so that we can turn the grey buttons into orange and show what the productions looked like. If you have any, can you send them here please.

1984 Oliver’s Travels

1985 Pie In The Sky

1986 Robin Hood

1987 Sleeping Beauty

1988 Aladdin

1989 Cinderella

1984 Olivers Travels


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