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2019 - Cinderella

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2018 - Jack And the Beanstalk

The 2019 production, was solely under the direction of Corinna Cranch this year. As we have done over the past few years, we have used a script was written by Alan P. Frayne

  New to the cast were Em Warrington as Prince Charming, Sue Last as the Baroness and Ashley Howard in the Chorus and as the Fox. Most of the usual suspects, were there to help the show come to life, although Ralph Thompson took over the role of Orchestra and Musical Director. His role as Stage Manager was taken over by Corinna Cranch. Unfortunately, along with the Baroness, Corinna ended up with a cold and was unable to do the Stage Manager’s role. Dee Owen at very short notice took over very competently. Gordon Clarke, Dee & Kate Owen along with Jacob Mansfield  and the usual help from Roger Newman were the lighting crew. Yet again Chris Rohrer provided the sound and Karen Thorpe was Curtains & Prompt. And of course a mention must be made of Monica Swann and her crew for keeping everybody nourished during the performances. Along with Cliff Peddar who supplied the liquid refreshment.


photographs and videos ©2019 Chris Rohrer.

2017 - Sleeping Beauty


Rigging the lighting frame

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As usual, when the curtains come down on the Saturday night, the crew move in to strip the stage of sets, lighting and sound. This year the camera was left running during the tear down. In a little over 2 hours from the curtains closing everything had been removed. This video clip is the whole process speeded up into just over 8 minutes.


From Mrs. Pat Woodward who came on the Friday Night

Dear Mr Hutley.       

Yesterday evening (Friday), I attended the Little Hallingbury Pantomine with some friends.  I have to say it was a truly wonderful evening,  both you and your cast members had us in fits of laughter all the way through, and the two ugly sisters were an absolute scream, they really camped it up with their "big boy" conversations, plus the fact their makeup and costumes were fantastically outrageous.   It was not only very colourful production with all your other cast members, but also the scenery that you design and make as well, which was a lovely back drop on the stage.   It is so nice to think that in this day and age where people tend to not communicate and get involved with each other, that as a village you all pull and work together as a great team, give up your time and energy to provide us your audience with a great enjoyable fun evening out.   I know you have been doing this for many years, and long may you all continue for many years to come.

Please convey my special thanks to each and everyone involved who helped with this wonderful production - it was brilliant.         

With Best Wishes.      

Yours sincerely,        

Mrs Pat Woodward.

P.S.   Cannot wait for next year's production.

From Dacia Ranger NODA representative who came on the Saturday afternoon.



Director – Corinna Cranch

Musical Director – Ralph Thompson

Choreographer – Sid Perry

Reviewed at Little Hallingbury Village Hall on Saturday afternoon 26th January 2019

Since childhood days Cinderella has been my favourite pantomime so I was really looking forward to seeing this version by Alan P Frayn.  The society has been in the business of staging an annual panto for 36 years now with all proceeds going to the Scout and Guide Supporters Association. A very admirable record.

Freda Townsend as the fairy godmother, or Fairy G as she was called in this production, opened the proceedings with the prologue.  This was followed by a good lively rendition of “Good Morning” by the small chorus.

Beth Tasker made a lovely Cinderella. In this production our heroine was very clean and tidy with her hair beautifully plaited. Her costume though did give a nod to the rags we are accustomed to seeing her in. Her opposite number, Prince Charming was well played by Em Warrington and these two young people made an excellent pairing. Well done to Em for struggling on despite having voice problems. A good performance also by Zoe Porter as Dandini, the princes valet.

Marianne Bullen was excellent as Buttons.  She quickly built up a good rapport with the audience and had us commiserating over her character’s unrequited love for Cinderella and shouting words of warning when anyone approached Bob the Bunny in his carrier bag.  Very well played.

Good performances also from Mark Hutley as the chinless Baron Hardup and Sue Last as the Baroness, Cinderella’s cold and calculating stepmother.   

In common with most pantomimes the jokes came thick and fast, especially from the ugly sisters, Gertrude (Edward Hall) and Grizelda (Jonny Hayes). They certainly looked the part in their outrageous costumes but the timing necessary to get a joke over effectively wasn’t always there, resulting in the audience missing some of the punch lines which was a shame.

The comedy duo, or broker’s men, Duncan Row and Alan Townsend as Bodget and Leggett were terrific and had us all in fits of laughter.  I would love to have seen them do a slapstick scene.  

It was obvious a lot of time and dedication had gone into making the lovely set, from stage props such as an authentic looking cooker to the lovely ballroom scene. The society is fortunate to be able to call on a large team of people who between them make it all happen. This is great but I just wondered – can any of them be persuaded to join the cast for the next production?  How lovely it would be to see more people in the chorus.

Ralph Thompson on keyboard provided excellent accompaniment throughout.  Lighting was good and costumes of a professional standard.  

It was obvious that a lot of time and effort had gone into bringing this production to the stage.  The society has set the bar high for pantomimes in our district and although this was a good production, for me it lacked a certain something which I can’t quite put my finger on.  Vitality may be too strong a word but there were times when I felt that some of the cast were capable of giving more.


That said, the audience, especially the children, were having a great time and that’s what really matters.


Well done to all involved and thank you for inviting me.

Decia Ranger


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