Little Hallingbury Panto Group Productions - The 20’s
2019 Cinderella
2020 Goldilocks
The 20’s. With Alison and Mark still as joint Chair-people The productions of the 20’s were as shown below. Ann Hooker passed away in late 2019 and we had lost another of or founders Julie O’Brien was also ill and had as assistant director, Kate Fuller, who was also again in charge of the wardrobe. Chris Rohrer had an assistant to help with the sound. This was Campbell Fricker, who took to it like a duck to water, and hopefully will be around to do more. Ralph Thompson seemed to be firmly ensconced as the orchestra aided by Marianne Bullen with Musical Direction. Dee Owen stood in for Corinna Cranch as Stage Manager at the last moment in 2019 and was doing the same job in 2020. Katie Owen, Jacob Mansfield and Gordon Clarke were lighting, Bill and Veronika Williams did there usual superb job with the sets.
2020 Goldilocks And The 3 Bears