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2018 - Jack And The Beanstalk

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2017 Sleeping Beauty

2017 - Sleeping Beauty

The 2018 production, Jack and the Beanstalk, was dedicated to the memory of Alan Hooker, BEM who passed on in September after a short Illness. He was one of the founder members of the group, and had been involved in 33 of the productions, and had supported us in our 2017 pantomime, Sleeping Beauty.

  This year the production was overseen by Julie O’brien, very ably assisted by Corinna Cranch. The Giant, Buster Gut-Bucket was played with great gusto by Ed Hall. Marianne Bullen was Jack, Beth Tasker was Princess Charlotte, Mark Hutley Simple Simon, Steve Perry a very buxom Dotty Dimple. Alan and Freda Townsend were King Crumble And Queen Apricot, Snatchit & Scarper were played by Keith Brown and Sid Perry, Fairy Sugardust and The witch Picallily were Zoe Porter and Corinna Cranch.

  The highlight this year was the pie baking scene, wit eggs and flour going everywhere.


Rigging photographs and the video©2018 Chris Rohrer. Performance & backstage photos ©2018 Bill & Veronika Williams

 2018 Chris Rohrer

2017 - Sleeping Beauty


Rehearsal 1

Photographs from rehearsal

Rigging the lighting frame

Perormance Photos

Ouiter Front Cover 2018 Pages 2-3 2018 Pages 4-5 2018 Pages 6-7 2018 Pages 8-9 2018 Pages 10-11 2018 pf1 Simple Simon Picalilli Dotty Dimple & Villagers Rancid, Snatchet & Scarper Doty, Jack, Buttermilk & Simon Queen Apricot, King Crumble, & Jack Buttermilk, Princess Charlotte & Rancid at the top of the Beanstalk Buster Gut-Bucket & Charlotte Re-United Sing-Along With Simon Happy Endings 2019 - Cinderella


2019 - Cinderella

2019 Cinderella

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